Joe Wrenn

Artist. Storyteller. “Dancing Cowboy”

About Joe Wrenn

Joe Wrenn is a 62-year-old self-taught painter who was discovered several years ago by Charleston community leader and retired teacher, Glenna Callender.  She has been the inspiration for his success promoting him among friends and encouraging him to exhibit. 

Joe Wrenn lives out in the country of Tallahatchie County, about five miles from Charleston, MS, off Highway 32. He is a product of country life, taught and trained by his maternal grandfather and uncle to live off the land. He is of his environment. He is carved of dark wood, molded from gumbo and clay, seasoned with the blood of wild animals. He still celebrates ‘hog killing’ days. 

Joe builds his own cabins, studios, fences, and barns from materials bought and gathered.  He paints from visions and memories.

“He has been drawing, carving, and painting all of his life. Tell him of your ‘place’ and he draws it as you ‘tells’ it,” Ms. Callender says. Joe uses oils, acrylics, and even house paint. He paints largely on scrap wood.